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Alexis righetti

Alexis from France goes for the real adventure. His need for the highest reliability is where the match with Zerode came about. “I don’t ride in the mountains, I go mountaineering with a bike”, as he explains. "I look for lines in rough high alpine terrain. My goal is to ride the highest and most complex mountains possible. I opened many lines in the Alps and the Pyrenees. Recently, I set up an expedition where we did two peaks of over 6000 m in Chile, completely autonomously. In the mountains, I am on my own or with a teammate, I never go with a guide or a film crew. I take care of shooting the footage myself and I also do the editing. In my videos, I aim to immerse the audience and make them feel what it really feels like to be in these places with a bike." Check those beautiful shots on Alexis' Youtube channel here.

Tommy C

Tom is a British Youtuber. His channel perfectly shows what many of us love about our sport: Laughing out loud with your buddies while looking for the coolest trails. But it is also about equipment talks, seeing who is the first to cross a dangerous section and at the same time enjoying a great workout under a beautiful morning sun. Check out his channel: Tommy C Hype.

Hidde stroomer

At 11 years old Hidde is probably one of the youngest Zerode riders out there. From Trials to DH and from Enduro to BMX racing, give this lil' ripper two wheels and he's a happy camper. Combining great skills with youthful enthousiasm, all with a surprisingly mature mind and riding style. The upcoming years will be about visiting more bike spots, looking for new adventures, racing DH, Enduro and BMX but above all, having fun! His Zerode Taniwha gave him the confidence to tick off the biggest of lines at the German and French bike parks he has visited. Little shout out to his old folks for bringing him to all those places too ;) Picture: Newearthvisuals

guy hendrickx

Guy, a 45 year old technician from Belgium, has been riding mountainbikes for the last decade. "I discovered the beautifull enduro discipline relatively late, but now it is my passion". Guy loves to ride across Europe, both recreational as well as racing. He is very active in the Belgian MTB community too, by organizing events and maintaining a popular Belgian MTB group on Facebook (Singletrack Kings).

Grizzly Munro Diaries 
Sean Green

"With a desire to be in the highest reaches of any mountain range, seeking that ever elusive singletrack, I need a bike that can handle absolutely everything I can throw at it, without having to worry about ripping my drivetrain off and a long push back to civilisation. Riding down all 282 Munros in Scotland, means I need to have complete faith in my bike. Zerode provides me with the perfect platform to tackle any mountain that my imagination seems to muster up".

Aaron Rolph

Aaron is a professional mountain athlete, adventure photographer, award-winning film producer and published author from Cumbria, UK. Aaron's exploits have allowed him to partner with some of the strongest athletes and partake in expeditions all over the world. He is driven by blending creativity, storytelling and ultra-endurance in the mountains as well as inspiring others to find their own sense of adventure, however big or small. Notable achievements include the first ski descent of 6000m peak, Falak Sar in the Hindu Kush, the greatest vertical descent on a mountain bike world record and completing the iconic Haute Route ski traverse in just over one day non-stop. Aaron lives all year round in the mountain town, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc in the heart of the Alps.

bradly lauder

Rotorua is well known for gifting legendary riders to the world, and there’s no better example than Bradley Lauder. Lightening fast, smooth and mega styley sums up Bradley’s riding, while his engaging sense of humour and bold friendliness are an equal match. Bradley competes for Zerode in the EWS. No stranger to the podium, Bradley also competes in drift car racing and is a world class whitewater kayaker. Follow him at:


“As a coach and racer I spend half my life on my bike and I want something that is reliable and up to the task. Not having the the constant worry of damaging and replacing derailleurs and the ability to just jump on my bike and not having to retune gears has been awesome. When it come to riding, I personally love dropping down steep rough shoots where I can truly test myself and the bike and it’s where the silence of the zerode gives me confidence to push the limits.”

jamie garrod

Based in Rotorua, Jamie runs New Zealand Mountain Biking. The premier mtn biking adventure and and skills outfitter in New Zealand. NZMTB has hosted groups of riders from all over the world on multi day riding trips, showcasing our best trails and adventure riding. Jamie joined the Zerode team in 2019 so that he had one of the smoothest rides around, and didn't have to spend so much time and money trying to keep his bike running smoothly and quietly.

With borders restricted, Jamie has been busy showcasing the trails in Rotorua on YouTube and has been helping the locals by running skills sessions in Rotorua.

Lucas walch

Coming from a banking background and with 7 years riding under his belt, Lucas Walch has made an impact in a short space of time. Before mountain biking, Lucas came from a motorcycle enduro background and it wasn’t long after he discovered riding that his competitive streak compelled him to compete in local races. “I’ve found I have been able to take my racing to another level on my Katipo - I can’t wait to showcase it on the world stage this year!”