Shifting options

.seamless shifting


The debate grip shift vs trigger shifter has always been lively, with people presenting strong positions on either side. And rightly so! There are merits for both systems, and there's no right or wrong answer when it comes to personal preference. Pinion gearboxes are available with both: The electronic version with trigger shifter (Smart.Shift) and the analog system with grip shift.

  • Enables shifting under load, thanks to smart electronics and sensors
  • Has the more common trigger shifter, which more people are used to.

Additional charge: € 395.-

Can I change my analoge Grip shift system to Smart.Shift?

Since the Smart.Shift gearbox is different from the analog version, changing to Smart.Shift requires a new gearbox.

grip shift
  • Multiple gear shifting. You can easily shift lots of gears with one VERY quick movement
  • 230 grams lighter
  • Cheaper
  • Simplicity (no electronics)

The grip shift system is an excellent fit and works seamlessly with the Pinion internal gearbox. It adheres to the principles of simple, rapid and efficient shifting. As opposed to a derailleur system, which must always move up and down the sprockets in a cassette, the Pinion gearbox allows you to shift through full range gears all at once, shift part-way, or one at a time – while stationary or while riding. Using the grip shift means you can load up or dump down gears in a split second without having to click through them individually.

How about shifting under load?

Especially when shifting to lighter/ lower gears the analog grip shift requires you to unpower the pedals a bit more than with a traditional derailleur system. This doesn't mean shifting is slower. You can shift multiple gears at once, the shifting is instant and you can put full power immediately after every click. In most cases, shifting is faster than with a traditional derailleur system and it is very suitable to tackle even the most technical climbs. However, the fact that you have to unpower your pedals a bit more requires a period of getting used to.